Dead Without My DVR

My DVR has got to be the most useful and used device in my life. I’ve always been a big fan of television and movies, but with all the latest technologies like satellite TV from and digital video recorders, I’ve become a full blown media junkie. I record it all.

My DVR has completely changed the way I watch TV. I no longer have to stay up late to catch shows, or miss them altogether because I was at work or doing something else. Now everything comes to me when I want it, and I don’t miss a thing. And best of all, I don’t have to buy, maintain, replace or store a single video tape. Oh how I love that little magic box. It’s like having the keys to all the TV stations and movie channels. I get to decide what I want to see and when I want to watch it.

If only I could find a similar device that would allow me to manipulate all the other scheduled events in my life the way my DVR lets me move around the TV schedules. Wouldn’t it be great to bring back Friday night in the middle of a bad Monday morning?

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