Clogged Drain and Flooding Issues

There is a drain at the bottom of the outside stairs that take you down into the basement of the house. I have the worse time trying to keep it from getting all clogged up with leaves and other debris from the outside world. Several times all ready, in the past two weeks, I have had to run down there with buckets, towels, pumps and all the other crap that is needed to clean up after a minor flood. Thank goodness I’ve caught it before it got too bad, but it was enough to irritate me and take up too much of time and energy, running up and down those darned steps, back and forth, hump!

I’m so glad that I purchased three rain barrels, they have helped out a lot for various reasons and if the rain goes into them then hopefully that is less water to come into the basement. With all of this rain that we have had and are still getting almost every single day, it’s playing havoc in so many ways for so many folks, so I know that I’m not alone in this boat (no pun intended, but I’ll take it at this point!)

June 10th was the worst flooding that I’ve had to put up with and deal with. It was the last day of school, but the roads were flooded and the buses couldn’t get through so they had to close school. The kids never got to say good-bye or anything. Good thing because I had all of them help me with the 2 inches of water that ended up in our 1/2 way furnished basement, it took 3 and 1/2 days to get that mess under control.

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