Plain White Lab Coats

My sister has been working full time as a pharmacy tech for over a year now and she is so tired of wearing the plain white lab coats that they are all required to wear while working at the pharmacy. She would really enjoy wearing some of the pretty cool scrub tops that they now have available for the medical professionals to wear these days.

A lot of the folks that come into that pharmacy work across the street at the numerous medical offices and the hospital and they come in wearing some pretty fashionable medical uniforms that were unheard of years ago. Once in a while they will make a comment about the plain white lab coat uniform that she is required to wear and how they think that pharmacy employees should be allowed to spiff up what they have to wear as well. But alas it appears that they will continue to have to live in the past for now.

My sister really enjoys wearing tie died clothing and has stated that she would really enjoy having her lab coat tie died, but the head pharmacist would have her butt in a sling in a heart beat since he is all about acting and looking as professional as possible. So that would never do.

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