Making Beautiful Music

My niece came to stay with us for a 2 weeks during spring break, and we had a blast getting to know her, considering its been years since we have seen her last. She is an intelligent girl who discovered the beauty in music while staying here at our home. My Fiancé plays the Violin, and she had played one afternoon after work, and the first day my niece spent with us, over heard here playing. She crept upstairs to where my Fiancé was, to see what was making such a beautiful sound. When she found it was my Fiancé playing she asked if she could teach her how to play.

The next day after my Fiancé got off work, they got together and sat down at the computer to see if they could possibly find any violas that my Fiancé could order for my niece so she could take it home with her to keep practicing after she spent some time with her learning during her stay with us. They found the perfect one in no time, and ordered it. When it arrived at the house, they immediately opened the package and got right to it. My niece is an absolute natural, and is still playing even till this day. We are so excited to see how far she takes her playing from what she had learned during her stay.