I’m Up For A Change Over To Satellite TV

I grew up in a house that always had cable. When I first moved away from my parent’s home I moved in with a friend who all ready had the house hold basically set up and we had cable once again. Since cable was all that I knew, when I finally moved out on my own I hooked up automatically with the local cable company and have been with them ever since.

There has been much ado about comparing plans and prices with your TV provider, cell and home phone provider, insurance providers and the like since most of us have found ourselves struggling with our finances since our government got us all involved with this economy that is in crisis. I have checked into some things, I’ve switched over on some, negotiated better deals with others, but never really looked into switching over to Satellite TV until lately.

I had several friends and co workers that subscribe to Satellite TV and I have been approached by one of my good friends at work who wants me to switch over and that way we would both be eligable for a $50 gift card for the referral. We all could use some extra cash these days, so I promised that I would go home and check out my options on the Internet, which I did last night. I have decided to go ahead and make the switch over to Direct TV. I’m up for a change and I’ll tell my friend at work at Monday. That will be a nice way to start the week for the both of us.

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