Come On, Give These Folks A Break

We are so happy to find that our hard work has paid off, complaining to the city about the horrible Apartment Mailboxes that are in such bad shape in the low income apartments that are located on the street behind ours. These apartments need a lot of help and all we can do is keep trying, one step at a time. This has been a big step as far as I’m concerned. There is no need to have people’s mail in old decrepit Commercial Mailboxes that are falling apart and so badly broken that their mail ends up strewn all over the hallway for everyone to have to walk on or walk over, or even worse, take from the rightful owner. That is just crazy and asking for big trouble for so many people that deserve to be treated as such.

So after a couple of City Council meetings and tons of letters we are glad to see them installing some nice CBU Mailboxes over there last week. I’m sure that the slum lord that owns and runs the place isn’t happy about dishing out some of his millions of dollars that he makes each year on his rentals, for brand new Cluster Mailboxes, but we really aren’t concerned with his finances at this point, since he is always seen driving around town in a nice expensive brand new car every year. My God, how some people sleep at night is beyond me!

Next we are going to work on the trash and garbage problem, which will help with the roach infestation that is over whelming in those nasty old buildings that little babies, little kidsĀ and whole families are trying to live in and make a life for themselves.

One thought on “Come On, Give These Folks A Break

  1. Donna Lundy Post author

    Glad to hear that things are starting to progress with your cause. We need more people like you that will take the time to fight for what they believe in not only for themselves but for others that are not as fortunate as you.
    You deserve a pat on the back and a big thank you and keep the fight going!

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