Rain Water Barrels for Rain Harvesting

Each year come the middle and end of summer, we keep finding ourselves in drought like conditions, with restrictions put in place in an effort to keep our water resources from drying up. This has been going on for over a decade now and I don’t see any changes coming our way anytime soon.

I have always had rain barrels in my yard. I was brought up in a home that tried to conserve water and energy, with rain water barrels placed all around the yard. My parents always had a nice garden that we all spent a good amount of time in and we learned how valuable rain harvesting was. We didn’t have a well, so we had to pay for our water and my parents weren’t happy with a large water bill each month so rain harvesting with a rain barrel or two just made sense.

I’m glad to see that more people are turning to rain harvesting and that there are more and more rain barrels for sale on the market for people to choose from. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and price, something for everyone (as they say) so that makes it easier to find the perfect one for your yard and your personal usages. I found a great website simplyrainbarrels.com that I would urge anyone to check out for their rain water barrel needs. Free shipping is offered here folks, that is a real savings in it’s self. We all have to do our part in this time of crisis that Mother Nature has found herself in these days.

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