Myrtle Beach – Business is Booming

It’s not too late to make plans to visit a beach. I wish that I could make a road trip like some of my friends and co workers have done. It seems that Myrtle Beach is the place to go this season. There are plenty of great Myrtle Beach best hotels that are still available. A good website to visit is they can hook you up with all your vacation plans.

I’ve never been much of a golf player, Putt Putt is more my style, but I have several friends that are really into the game of golf and apparently Myrtle Beach has some really great golf courses close by that are well known and enjoyed all year round. And there are some decent golf packages available through many Myrtle Beach hotel sites.

I understand that Myrtle Beach is experiencing a booming business this year since the BP oil leak. Many beaches are not open due to the oil issue and people are flocking to South Carolina and their famous Myrtle Beach. Myrtle Beach has a lot to offer. I’m hoping that next year I might be able to take a 3 day weekend and go there. Something to plan for and save up for starting now.

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