Good Old Vitamin D Is Good For Thee

I worry about my sister’s health more and more these days. She isn’t a “spring chicken” anymore as she is the oldest of my siblings. She is the type to do any thing that she can for others and put her needs and wants last. That was all find and well back in the day, but times have changed and I really want her to start doing more things for herself.

She has always wanted to use a tanning bed, so I’ve purchased a membership for her at the local saloon that has several of these tanning beds for folks to use. I was skeptical at first about her using one, but from what I’ve been reading that a tanning bed can assist with obtaining vitamin D, which we are all lacking these days.

Sis is a prime target for Osteoporosis and she needs all the calcium and vitamin D that she can get so that her bones will  not get brittle and break easily, much like our Aunt’s are, due to Osteoporosis. We all got a scare a few years back with our Aunt Jessie, she fell and broke her wrist and had major issues with the healing process that took so very long to do. That is when we found out that she has Osteoporosis, it was a wake up call for us all since it can be genetic.

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