Fix Registry Programs

I get so darn tired of this crazy computer messing up. I swear one day I’m going to throw this thing out the door.

I’m more than sure everyone that has a computer has said that more than once. I know I have and not that long ago. I had been working on this one project for several weeks. You know how it is, you go back several times and tweak things like that until you are finally happy with it and then…… You guessed it, my computer crashed. Everything I had just done was gone. Luckily I didn’t lose all of it since I had gone back to work on it several times and saved my work every time I finished. But I wasn’t finished this time. Took me twice as long to go back through it again.

After complaining, ranting and raving to myself for hours, a friend happened to stop by. After laughing at me for what seemed like ten minutes, he informed me all I needed was to get a fix registry program. A what, I asked. He had learned the hard way that there are programs you can get to fix your registry and it solves most any problem you have. The registry is where the computer stores all of its configuration information. Didn’t mean much to me but when he said it would keep my computer from crashing again, I was hooked! Works every time.