Golfing At Myrtle Beach With Family

My mother has invited me and my brother to go to Myrtle Beach South Carolina shortly after Labor Day for beach time and golfing. I’m all for that thank you very much. But she has asked me to research online the resorts for golf in Myrtle Beach since I have become so “proficient using the Internet” as she puts it so nicely. So I have been spending some time the last couple of hours for golf packages in Myrtle Beach.

I had no idea how many resorts there are in today’s Myrtle Beach, but I think that I have found one that might interest my folks at where I see that they are offering good prices and some interesting golf packages. So I’m shooting my mom an email with the link provided and we will see what thinks about my choice. Little did I know that she also asked my brother to take some time and do the same thing. I’m quite curious to see what he comes up with.

It will be great to go to the beach, play some golf and spend time with my kid brother and my folks, it’s been too long since we have had some time to do something like this. Thanks mom!

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