Golf & North Myrtle Beach


The Tidewater Golf Club Plantation in North Myrtle Beach

golf pic

I’ve gone online to to find information about a golfing at the beach vacation for my folks and I. We all enjoy a good game of golf, it’s been a great way for our family to do things together, spend time with each other while enjoying every thing else that goes along with the playing of this game they call golf.

I found this Tidewater Golf Club Plantation, which is located in the part of Myrtle Beach that I really enjoy, the North Myrtle Beach area. There are plenty of Myrtle Beach golf courses to choose from, but ended up at this wonderful site that set me up with the much anticipated tee times and our lodging as well which worked out quite well. I’ve never been one to set up reservations and the like so it was a bit intimidating at first but in all actuality is was pretty darn easy compared with what I expected.

So if you are planning a visit to the Myrtle Beach S.C. area and are interested in some decent Myrtle Beach golf packages I would recommend to to and seeing if they can assist you as well.

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