Make It Seen For Your Own Safety

It appears that there has been an extra big push on making sure that your home and or business address plaque can clearly be seen from the street. There seems to be a lot of address plaques that are giving our emergency personnel a fit because they can’t see them and get to the location that they need to get to through their dispatch system that is directing them to an emergency. This issues can turn deadly and more people need to make their address signs easier to read, especially at night.

A lot of cities are going around and painting the house numbers on the curb to help this situation, which I think is a grand idea. Although many cities and towns don’t have the funds available to do this for everyone, so it is up to us to us to purchase an address sign that will do the trick. I’m glad that my taxes are being put to good use and that they provide us all with this safety issue.

I remember when I used to deliver pizza, as a night time job. It was a struggle trying to find the address on many houses and people would get upset if their pizza didn’t come pipping hot. That job didn’t last long, I can tell you that.

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