School Lockers aren’t something that many of us think about after leaving high school. But I went to see one of my younger cousins in a summer school play that was held at one of the local middle schools last night and noticed how the Lockers have changed since my days in school. I know that I got bigger so things like that should look smaller, but my goodness these Lockers where tiny. I can’t imagine how these kids cram all the things that they need into these small areas. I mean during the winter you have a coat, boots, scarfs, etc. not to mention the book bag and all of the books and supplies that are needed to be stored in there.

We used to have Wood Lockers as our Gym Locker, now they were small, but you didn’t have to keep much in those. Good thing because they didn’t smell very good, but they served their purpose. I don’t think that kids even use those Gym Lockers anymore, they don’t have to dress out like we did, nor do they require them to shower after gym. What’s up with that? I’ll bet these middle schools don’t smell very good, I feel sorry the teachers that have to smell those hormonal monsters each and every day. Especially right after gym.

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