Flower Boxes

I have always enjoyed the look of a house that has window boxes for plants and/or window boxes for flowers, especially the ones that actually are being used and tended to and are full of lively plants and flowers. The house that I grew up in had flower boxes galore around the place. My mother took it upon herself to make our house and our yard as nice looking and homey as possible. When ever I drive by the old house I keep expecting to see those flower boxes and am always depressed to see that they have been long gone and forgotten by newer owners and/or tenants.

The city does a good job keeping up with the care of the flower boxes that have in Old Town. With some of the horrible heat waves that we always can look forward to experiencing every summer, I’m sure it hasn’t been an easy task keeping things from suffering from all the extreme weather that has been messing with us these past couple of years and always looking as good as they do. I’m impressed. My city taxes are hard at work there folks! The roads suck but the planters always look great!  LOL


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