Fast Food Commercials

The current TV commercials for Jack in the Box have Jack, their main man, hurt and in the hospital. There is a whole series of vignettes about the accident, the ER, the hospital room, etc. that is cute and ends with a web site address: This is really clever marketing, and typical of the high caliber advertising campaigns run by Jack in the Box. In my opinion, the whole organization is top shelf. I go to Jack in the Box at least once a week for a breakfast burrito. They make theirs with sirloin steak and it’s a bargain.

Every once in while I have a craving for a great burger, and I’ll go to Jack in the Box for one of their sirloin burgers. They are huge and taste better than any other burger in the area with the exception of Backyard Burgers. McDonald’s is last on my list of fast food joints to eat at. Funny how I managed to eat there almost every single day as a teenager and early adult years and can’t even stand the smell of the place or their “food”. The only thing I will go to McDonald’s for is there $1 sweet tea and now a days they are making it so sweet it hurts my teeth.