I Don’t Miss The Mall One Bit

I just realized that I haven’t set foot in our local mall since before last Thanksgiving. That is a pretty long stretch for me, or it used to be, but I haven’t missed it and hopefully I won’t need to go any time soon. The mall used to be a fun place to go but the past few years it has turned into a major hang out for the teens and gang members, which has turned a lot of people off and is keeping them away from there as much as possible. And now that so many stores have closed due to the economy it is really a spooky place to be. A lot of people are turning to the Internet to get their shopping needs attended to. No need to go out and deal with traffic, parking, crowds, rude sales associates and the like when you can stay at home and find just about everything that you could ever need or want online.

One of my favorite’s sites to visit before making a purchase is bestonlinecouupons.com where they have a great amount of online savings listed to take advantage of. A free shipping promotion code is always nice and not unusual to find there, as well as coupons and discount codes for online shoppers.  I like to find cute and trendy shoes online, and of course there is always PayLess, Finish Line and Foot Locker that I can always count on finding good quality shoes at every day discount prices at their web sites. So any other incentive from them is most certainly welcomed to add to the savings that I can count on.