Bargain Hunting At Online Auctions

Bargain hunting is becoming the new normal as people are pinching their pennies and looking for better deals. If you have less money to spend, you can make that money go farther if you start looking for discounts and bargains. One of the ways I like to find bargains is at auctions. Of course there are lots of local auctions, but an even better way to shop auctions is on the internet.

A new auction site called is just getting started and they have had some awesome bargains. I read over some of their sold items and now I am chomping at the bit to place my own bids on some very cool stuff. Last week they sold an iPod for $13.09 and a Sony digital camera for just 71 cents. Seventy one cents! The site says that the highest bidder wins the item, just like the live local auctions. And unlike the local auctions, you can increase the current bid by just one cent, so these types of sites are becoming known as Penny Auctions. You can bid online using your computer or your cell phone, and every time you place a bid the site charges your account a one dollar service fee. Even so, when items are going for pennies on the dollar, a small service fee is to be expected, and it offsets their free shipping policy, in my opinion.