Who Knew Online Penny Auctions Could Be So Much Fun

Most people enjoy shopping, but many don’t enjoy going out to the brick and mortar stores to do it. According to the DealDash Review that I was reading on the huffingtonpost website DealDash makes shopping much more fun to those who want to enjoy the shopping experience without leaving the comforts of our own home. Of course the concept of shopping online isn’t a new one, many of us are doing more and more of our every day shopping via the Internet, but Deal Dash has made online shopping more like a game.

Deal Dash is a penny auction site, so I thought that maybe I would let people know about it here on my blog. I checked Deal Dash out for a few minutes and it does look pretty interesting, but I couldn’t bid on anything today because all of my money from my last paycheck was spent on Christmas items. But after Christmas is all over and done with I plan on going back and finding stuff that floats my boat and start placing some bids on things that I need for after the holidays. You can be sure I’ll be telling you all about it come the year 2013.