My Shopping Is Mainly Done Online These Days

After all of the Christmas holiday shopping is done and over with, in a few weeks, a lot of people are continuing to do their every day shopping online after seeing how much money they can save by staying at home and finding deals on just about everything that you would ever need to buy. I have never enjoyed shopping. I don’t like anything involved in the whole process. With the price of gas sky rocketing and the economy still in turmoil, I’m just like everyone else in the fact that I have to watch every penny these days. So spending money on gas to go out just doesn’t make any sense. Then there is the parking issue, and having the long walk to and from the car, which can be a real pain especially in bad weather. That in it’s self is enough to keep me from venturing out to any store, any time of the year.

The crowds, the screaming babies, the unruly teenagers, the rude sales associates are no walk in the park either. So I’d just assume stay home, turn on my laptop, bring up to find what deals are out there and let my fingers do the walking on my keyboard to get my shopping done. We even have a grocery store that takes online orders and will deliver your groceries right to your door, now how easy is that. Isn’t the Internet awesome?

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