Medical Equipment

This has been a long couple of days since receiving the phone call that my 83 year old mother went by ambulance to the E.R. and now has been admitted. I was told that she thought she had a cold since her and my dad both had their pneumonia shots just two years ago and they are supposed to be good for 3 or 5 years, something that I don’t know much about really. But obviously it was more than a cold because now she is in the ICU with pneumonia and not taking calls or visitors. She has always been a stinker about wanting her privacy when she isn’t feeling good and/or in the hospital which has been happened way too often these past couple of year. This has had to have been at least the 5th time just this year, so many times that I fear that I have lost count.

I have managed to swing by a couple times though. But each time I go they are hooking her up to some ecg machine or some other equipment that they use to help people with her lung and heart problems. They (mom and dad) have gotten to know the staff at the E.R. and on the 2nd floor pretty darned well this last year. At least she is in a good hospital where they actually show care and respect for their patients and their visitors. That is about the only positive thing out of this whole deal that I can come up with at this point.