Leaving The ICU and Heading Down To The 2nd Floor

Finally heard from my dad about my mom. He called from the hospital to let me know that they are transferring her out of the ICU back down to the 2nd floor because she has been doing so well as of last night and today. They had my mom out for some more testing so he took advantage of the waiting time to call me and my brother and sister. We had all decided that if she wasn’t getting any better that we would all just gather and take a trip down there despite her feelings about not receiving any visitors. None of us could live with the thought that some thing could have happened to her and we didn’t at least get a chance to see her. There is never a good time for something like this to happen, but right before Christmas is certainly on the list of worse times.

There is a chance that when she is released that the both of them will be staying with my sister and her family until she feels well enough to go back home. This will really make Christmas a challenge for everyone, but the main thing is that our mother gets back on her feet as soon as possible.