Donut Makers and Bakers

There are plenty of branded donuts to choose from when you want to have donuts for breakfast. The grocery stores carry Hostess, Entenman, Little Debbie, and their own bakery produced selections. There are also specialty bakery stores, such as Krispy Kreme and Dunkin Donuts. Personally, my favorite donut bakery is the Shipley Donuts. There are only a handful of those stores around town, and none of them are on the normal route to my office. So if I want to pick up some donuts on the way to the office, I either go out of my way 15 minutes to the bakery or then get stuck in traffic on the way back or I go by the one Krispy Kreme store that is on the commute route.

I like Shipley enough that I would be willing to go by there on my way home and keep the donuts overnight for presentation the next morning. That’s not as good as freshly baked, but at least they have the full flavor of the Shipley recipes. But the Shipley stores close down mid-afternoon, and the best donuts are sold out each morning to customers who drive over in the morning and get first choice. So I am resigned to only having Shipley donuts once in a blue moon and when I get the occasional urge to treat the office with donuts, they will just get the convenient Krispy Kreme glazed