Yoga Accessories

Not knowing a single thing about yoga, when my sister asked me to get her one of the yoga bolsters that she had picked out and sent a picture of to me today in an email, I wasn’t quite sure exactly what to think. Not that it’s a big deal for me to know in order to order and give to her, it’s just that it made me realize that I really don’t know a lot about my sister and what she is into these days. Heck I didn’t even know she was into yoga for heaven’s sake.

yoga accessories

yoga bolsters

So I have decided that once the holidays are all over and done with we are going to have to start spending more time with each other. It’s not like we live all that far from each other, but we all get so darned busy and next thing you know we only seem to communicate with a text now and then, or an occasional email or a shout out on Facebook and that just doesn’t seem to be cutting the mustard lately. More face to face is needed and I’m going to try and manage more face to face in the very near future. I sure hope she feels the same way!