I’ve been spending some time online looking for Diaper Bags and Changing Tables. We are holding a surprise baby shower for a co worker and I have been put in charge of finding the perfect gift from 3 of us that want to go in together and get her something decent but affordable that we can pitch in together and purchase for her.

She doesn’t really need any Nursery or Furniture items, so that is a plus, we couldn’t afford anything like that but there are plenty of Babies and Toddlers items that we could pool our money together to get for her. This is her second child so she does have plenty of items left over from the first one, which is a good thing. Babies are expensive and it adds up real quick like.

Since she doesn’t plan on nursingĀ  the baby from her god given breasts there are bottle items to consider, but those don’t cost much and I’m sure she will be getting a variety of those types of products from a variety of sources.

Planning a surprise baby shower isn’t easy, but I think that we can pull it off. It will be fun and I look forward to seeing the look on her face when we catch her off guard next month. It’s all good!

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