Beachfront Rentals – Post Christmas In The Florida Keys

This year we’ll have the traditional family gathering at Christmas at Mother’s house. The whole affair takes the entire day – with people arriving at her house around 10:00 in the morning for the gift exchange and then a big Christmas dinner, then we laze around for a couple hours visiting and admiring each others gifts, then we have dessert with a family sing along. If the weather is not bad, we’ll stay until about 10:00 pm and when the little ones start getting cranky we head home.

The very next morning I’ll be on an airplane to Miami so I can get checked into my Key Largo rental home and have my week of surf and sand in the Florida Keys. This will be such a great trip and it will be even better knowing how much money I am not having to spend with the various deals that I’ve managed to find and participate in along the way.

I found the perfect beach house using a  very user friendly beachfront rentals website and I booked it immediately after finding it and this was way back in August. Getting a rental house makes a lot more sense than a hotel room if you are going to be someplace for more than just overnight. You get all the comforts of home plus more privacy than a hotel can give you. The house I’m renting is right on the water overlooking the marina, and I’m going to try to make arrangements for a private charter to go fishing at least one day while I’m there. Another day will be spent driving down to the Key West and having some fun in Old Town.

I am really looking forward to recharging my batteries and getting away from this rat race for a whole week. In fact, I could use that vacation right now. Of course I’ll be bringing my laptop and taking pictures as much as possible, but that isn’t going to be a reality for over another month.