Never Too Old To Learn

It’s true that it takes money to make money. I know several people that are getting into the Online Trading and the Online Broker business and are fairing quite well, so far. I myself don’t know a darn thing about IRA Accounts or Mobile Trading, but would love to know more about them.

I know that the Internet would be a useful tool in learning about these financial opportunities, but I think that the writings would be so dry and filled so many long million dollar words that I’d lose interest in just a few short minutes of reading. So I’d prefer to learn by someone explaining and or showing me first hand. I mean I do know a bit about Stock Trading, I just would like to know more of a variety of what I’ve managed to find out just from watching TV, reading the newspaper and listening to the local news programs all my life. They certainly didn’t teach us anything about this type of stuff back in high school although I’m sure that they have classes in the subject now a days.

Maybe I’ll call one of friends that is knowledable about such things and we will do lunch or dinner together and I can pick her brain on the subject while we eat. You are never too old to learn, as they say!

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