The Need For Long Sleeve Shirts

Was disappointed to find that I am seriously lacking in the winter clothing area. None of my long sleeve shirts fit me right anymore. I started noticing last winter that they were not as comfortable as in previous years, much like how blue jeans aren’t as comfortable to me anymore. I remember days that I would wear the same pair of jeans all most on a 24 hour basis and couldn’t have been happier. These days I prefer khakis or camos when I get dress down around the house and out and about in town instead of those tight, stiff, restraining and itchy blue jeans.

Guess I’ve been putting on a few pounds these past few years, enough to where it is affecting how I feel in my clothes, which sucks. Not sure if I’ll ever get back to that weight any time soon, so I’ll need to start looking around for a larger size and warm for the cold winter weather months that seem to loom on and on each year. I really hate the cold, I tend to get depressed this time of the year becoming anxious about all the hassles that go along with winter.

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