Dealing With All Of The Medical Issues

This has been a long week dealing with various close family members that are all seeming to fall apart at the same time. I swear it feels like I’m running a nursing home as well as an ambulance driver, along with numerous other medical hats that I have had to wear day in and day out in the recent months.

I’m getting to know most of the medical staff at the ERs in the surrounding hospitals and have learned quite a bit about so many issues in the medical field that I feel like I could possibly start a career in it. I know which cpu cart is the best one on the floor in one particular ER as well as what time most of the techs and labs close that we all depend upon for so many test results that are necessary to make a decision on what to do and what to prescribe next.

One of the most disturbing thing that comes to mind (not that the entire experience wasn’t disturbing) was finding a lone pill on the floor in the ER room that my mother was resting in waiting for the doctor to come in a prescribe something for the pain that she was stricken with up and under both of her rib cages and her back. I guess I look down a lot because I am always finding things on the floor and on the ground. I took this newly found pill to the nurse’s station and gave it to them to deal with. I do believe they were embarrassed for me to discovered such a dangerous mishap that could have gone very badly.