Insurance Rates Online

As I stated the other day I have been checking out auto insurance via the Internet. It is the first time I’ve dealt with shopping around for quotes and coverages for car insurance. I’ve had my insurance with the same agent for a very long time and have never had to deal with looking around for cheap full coverage insurance┬áby going online. When I found my agent we were all still using our local paper version of the Yellow Pages, was letting my fingers doing the walking. Remember that old line? I haven’t heard that expression for some time. I think they even had a song out back in the 70’s about the telephone man and letting your fingers do the walking. Might have to look that up on some time, it would be cool to hear that song after all these years.

Anyway I found another good site at All I had to do was type in my zip code and 6 different insurance companies came up for me to check out. Nationwide being one of them (they are my current insurance company so of course I didn’t give them any information. Elephant Insurance was one of the choices. I have never heard of that company but decided to give them a shot, but wasn’t happy with the quote that they gave me.

Over the weekend I’ll try out some of the other ones that they have listed for me. Progressive is one of them as well as Geico, both being well established and well known insurance providers that might be able to beat Nationwide’s rates. I still hate the thought of leaving my current insurance agent. He has been wonderful to work with all these years and has helped me out of a few jams, which I thank him kindly for doing. But it’s all about the money at this point right? Guess we will see after I do a bit more research done, there is no hurry and no pressure. I like it like that.

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