Hot Pizza Delivered

I remember when ordering a pizza delivery used to be a cheap meal that I usually took advantage of a couple of times a week, until the prices went up so crazy like that I could no longer afford my favorite pizza to be delivered to my door. They started charging for the delivery, plus the cost of the pizza and then came the tip and I’m a generous tipper since I’ve spent time working for tips in the past before. So it got to be that it started to total up into the thirty dollar range instead of the twenty dollar one┬áthat I’d grown accustomed to, and that is way too expensive for someone like me to have to dish out several times a week. It has gotten to be a real treat to be able to have Domino’s deliver their wonderful Thin Crust Pepperoni Pizza that I can only afford maybe once or twice a month.

So I’m so pleased to see that the main top 3 pizza deliveries are having a pizza price war these past couple of years. Now I can afford to call Domino’s a bit more often these days. Now if other prices would start dropping, life would be so much easier on so many of us that are struggling with our finances due to the economy.

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