The Boxcar Children Tells a Beautiful Story

When my children are home we enjoy either reading books together or nestling down and watching good shows on our satellite television. This is a great way for us to relax together and to spend some quality time. One of our favorite books to read together is The Boxcar Children by Gertrude Chandler Warner. This book is great for children over the ages of six years old.

The Boxcar Children is one of our favorite books due to the close family ties shared between the young, elementary-aged children. The book follows the kids as they believe they are going to be separated because their parents have died. The children make a decision to run away. The find an abandoned train boxcar and take up residence in the car.

During the course of the book, the older brother goes to work for a local rich man, who is their long, lost uncle. The young boy and the man are not aware they are related. The children find small dishes and tin cups in trash piles and take great care cleaning these items and use them in the boxcar to eat food and to drink with.

Though their adventure is a fun one, the children miss living in a home together with the security of family. Near the end of the book, the children are discovered and are given a secure home by their rich uncle.

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