SiteLock’s Trust Seal

The evening news is constantly feeding us such bad and negative images and stories that a lot of people won’t even watch the news these news. This isn’t the easiest thing to do considering that there is always some type of news show on the TV, the radio, your Blackberry, the newspapers and of course all over the Internet. If you want news there is no reason why you can’t find it and quick like.

With so many of us on our computers as much as we are, we are bombarded with advertising and hazards. We are a very vulnerable computer society that the “bad guys” are always at least one step ahead of us no matter what we do. I’ve heard people say that they think the computer companies are the ones putting out the viruses in order to make money on the millions of dollars that it takes for preventing and/or fixing a virus, doesn’t that sound like something you would hear on the evening news.

It is companies such as SiteLock that scan your website, keeping you safe from malware issues and keeping the spam and the blocking the goes along with any person’s or company’s website. Businesses want their customers to know that your business is trustworthy and protected from all of the bad boys from bad seeds that are messing things up in the computer world out there!

SiteLock is offering a free trial of their security for small businesses by visiting their website. It’s a  pretty easy website to navigate through, it’s user friendly (a major issue with me) and an interesting read. Something that I think more people need to be made aware of these types of needs and services.

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