Insurance Specialties

I remember when insurance was basically about your vehicle, your health, your home and of course there has always been life insurance available. I don’t exactly know when they started specializing so heavily, but it is amazing how much in the industry has changed in the last 16 to 20 years or so.

I have a friend that moved to Australia late last year and is finding that a new life in a new country is becoming a challenge. He is finally settled in at his new job and found a nice place to move his family into and is now trying to stabilize things just a bit. He has been researching insurance needs and possibilities in the world “Down Under”.

We haveĀ been exchanging some interesting emails and links since he left America and I always find his emails interesting and entertaining. He has sent me links that offer accident cover policies, funeral cover policies, since he plans on staying there for the remainder of his and his wives livesĀ and several other aspects of the insurance industry in his own surroundings. The only type of insurance that he isn’t looking into seems to be guardian income insurance, which he really shouldn’t have any use for, but one never knows in this day and age, right?

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