Engagement Rings by White Flash

I myself have never experienced the act of getting engaged, I’m a confirmed bachelor and I plan to keep it that way, thank you very much. I do seem to be one of a dying breed. On the other hand my best friend, Gary, has proposed several times and has always been turned down, but it appears that it doesn’t stop him from trying. They have been dating each other for over seven years now, living together for the last two years and he is more than ready to make an “honest woman” out of her and to make his and her parents happy to see them stand in front of God and say those two words that will commit themselves to each other for the rest of their lives.

I’ve known Gary since the second grade and we have been the best of buds since the fourth grade. I never thought that he of all people would ever want to settle down and get married. But Julie completes him and I’ve never seen him happier so I am happy for the both of them and I’ve even consented to be his best man on their wedding day when and if that day ever happens.

Last week he tried once again and to every one’s surprise she (Julie) said yes and gladly allowed him to place the engagement ring that he has used time and time again on her finger. Gary and I spent hours online a few years ago at various types of engagement rings to find the the most perfect of Diamond engagement rings for his use and I’m glad that Vicki is proud to wear it on her finger.

Whiteflash.com is a great online resource for georgia jewelry with the most unique engagement rings for men and women and wedding bands as well that we found anywhere online. If you take the time to give them a look see make sure you check their wonderful selection of asscher cut diamonds 0,40 carat diamonds.

They take PayPal and offer free over night shipping, we all like free, right? And if you find them on Facebook and “Like” them you can receive special promotions and announcements which is a plus. Who ever thought that Facebook would have become such a popular place for people to hook up and communicate with other folks as well as give businesses the opportunity to get to know their customers as they are now doing more and more. It’s all good.