Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda

I really should have taken my brother’s advice and his check back in the 90’s that would have provided me with the training and the education that it would take for me to know so much about computers. I could have become an IT and be making good money at this point. Every company needs some type of managed hosting solutions and I could have been there for the ride.

I know such a small amount about computers that it scares me sometimes. When it comes to dedicated server hostingĀ and colocation services, I have to scratch my head and shrug my shoulders most of the time. I have gotten so dependent on our ITs at work that I wish I could call them about some of my home computer issues.

It is a darn good thing that I have a cousin that is a whiz at computers and it pretty good hearted about sharing his talents and skills with friends and family members that find themselves unable to deal with a good amount of computer issues. Every family needs a computer geek to rely on, right?

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