The Internet and All it has to Offer

I am so thankful for the Internet and all that is has to offer everyone these days, I can’t imagine life without my laptop and I’m so ever grateful for email, the best thing to come out of the Internet, in my opinion.

I do everything online, my banking, my checking, my bills, most of my purchasing, it is all done on my laptop and email keeps me in touch with all the family members and friends from all over the world. I have several pals over seas doing their time in the military and I get some strange calls showing up on my Caller I.D. at times, but mainly we keep in touch with emails and I love each and every one that I hear from.

One thought on “The Internet and All it has to Offer

  1. Janie Parrish Post author

    And now we have all that Twittering has to offer as well, but let’s not go there yet O.K. Love your blog, keep them coming.
    Your Friend,
    Janie Parrish

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