Helping puppies get placed into homes

Guest post written by Rita Reese

I’ve been volunteering at a local animal shelter for a really long time now. I started doing that while I was in college to meet the service requirements of my sorority. Then I realized that I really enjoyed it and have been doing it in one capacity or another since then. I’ve had to switch shelters after moving and stuff like that, but it’s always been a whole lot of fun and a great way to make a difference.

Now something that I like to do in addition to helping out at the shelter is to also help foster puppies that are born in the shelter and don’t necessarily have the space to live in the shelter. I’m thinking about doing it a little more and have been looking at how it can impact my finances. I was looking up a lot of pet-related financial tips online when I saw some info on debt counseling. After I looked through it some I decided to get some counseling because I obviously have some financial issues.

I want to get a little more into puppy training so I can use that to earn a little extra money and get out of my financial issues. It’s going to take more than that, but I’ll figure it out.