Pay TV

Not too many people rely on their old rabbit ear antennas these days, most of us are used to subscribing from a cable or a satellite provider that enables us to receive numerous channels and much better reception due to their updated technologies. I remember growing up we heard about pay TV coming in the near future. The funny thing is that we envisioned having a coin box on top of the TV that we would have to put quarters into in order to watch TV. Much like the vibrating mattresses that we all fed coins into when sleeping in a motel back in the day. Boy did we get it all wrong and had no idea of tv pricing issues that we would have to deal with in the 21st century. We hadn’t even heard of debit cards back in those days for goodness sake.

These days is really pays to do your research about your TV options. With all of the Dish TV and Direct TV offers that are being put out there you really need to know about their products and packages before signing any contract. There is a TV war going on right now, providers are all about making you an offer that you can’t refuse, so the time is right to sign up or switch over to.

I’ve always have cable myself. My parents had cable and I just followed their lead, but I’ve been seeing some interesting promotions on TV about different providers and their offerings. So I plan on doing a bit of research myself and see what I can find is the best deal and best package for me and my needs and wants.

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