Sno Shield

With winter on it’s way, my folks are looking at purchasing and having installed some snow guards (also known as, snow brackets, snow stops, snow birds, snow dogs, as well as snow retention devices) on their house’s roof. Last year there were several injuries reported in the local paper from people having snow or ice fall on them. That would really suck, death by icicle! But I know that it can happen. We have all heard the horror stories at some point in our life time of icicles doing serious damage to some one some where, right?

Snow guards help slow down the ice and snow in a controlled manner instead of a sudden avalanche that cause case damage to so many things. They are becoming a big hit with homeowners all over the country where they have snow fall and you can find some good deals on them on the Internet. is who my folks are going with. A good friend and neighbor used them and now every one on the block wants them before the snow starts falling. So the street is all a buzz about all the work going on and who is getting what done and what color, etc……. It’s a nice old neighborhood that we were lucky enough to grow up on and my folks plan on staying there as long as possible and keeping the place up the best that they can in their golden years.

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