Colon Cleansing Issues

One subject that I am going to discuss with my mother and my sister is the issue of colon cleansing, I am hearing more and more about it and I believe that they have tried it and I what to hear the stories and opinion before I go and purchase anything. I have been reading up some on the subject and have talked to a few people here and there and they all swear that a good Colon Cleanse can make a big difference in a lot of areas that I am struggling in, like sleep issues, no energy, stomach aches, back aches, foul breath and a lot of this things I’m blaming on menopause. But I’m thinking that if I can do something about these things that are driving me crazy with a good cleansing product, like Oxy-Powder, I’m thinking it would be worth it. If I do decide to buy some I will do it on-line, that is a sure bet.

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