A Day At The Park

Yesterday turned out to be a pleasant enough day outside.  I got to enjoy it in many parking lots, walking from my car into the stores and back again.  My son joined me and we managed to spend some good one on one time with each other, he got use some of his gift certificates that he got for his birthday last week and we even stopped at the park so he got to play on the new playground equipment for a good while. I sat at the newly installed Picnic Tables, which are a bit more comfortable then the hard Park Benches that have been there for way too long and I got to read a little more of my book and he got to use up some energy on the playground.

It is supposed to be unusually warm this up coming week, but cloudy and rainy, but that is O.K. we really need the rain and it is better than being freezing cold and snowing!  I a so ready for spring, I am not a winter loving person at all.

I am looking forward to spring so that hubby and I can start preparing our veggie garden out in the backyard again.  Last year wasn’t the greatest, we learned a lot from it and hope that we will do much better and that our harvest will much more plentiful.  My favorite was the cantaloupes, they take up a lot of space in the garden, but if we do it right this year it will be wonderful.

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