Yard Arbors

It seems like it was just a few months ago that I found the perfect garden arbors and brought them home to put in the yard. I have always loved the look of those old fashioned wooden arbors so when I found a great “too good to be true” deal online I jumped on it and got me some real beauts.

As much as I love the autumn weather, it is a constant reminder that winter, and all that goes along with that each and every year, is right around the corner. I don’t like the cold and the wet and the wind, ugh. I like spending time outside, not being stuck inside with layers of clothing on and constantly trying to keep warm without turning up the heat since heating oil has become so darned expensive.

Waiting until next April or May to be able to spend time outside and in the yard, especially my garden, seems like light years away. I have bought some seeds for a great vine to plant next spring that I hope will grow up and down and all around the one arbor and I’m looking into finding a great flowering vine to grow on the other one.

Is it Spring yet?

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