What’s Up With Texas

Friends may come and friends may go, be damn do they have to go so quickly. It seems that my good friend Shannon just moved back here from Texas, the Houston area, and all of a sudden she is looking at Dallas Real Estate and Dallas Homes For Sale, back down in the great state of Texas. I know that she spent the first 11 years of her life there but all of her family is up here now, so I’m not really sure what keeps taking her back that far away and has her looking at Dallas Homes for Sale. Even her kids are up around here, although they aren’t little any more, but still.

These days people are so transit, friends and family members are always having to say good bye, while watching their loved ones move away. I really think that has a lot to do with family not connecting the way that they used to. I grew up on a street that had numerous relatives living all up and down that road, it was an awesome way to grow up, it’s too bad times like that have totally changed.

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