Tire and Locker Issues Today

Today was a rough day for just about everyone in the family. I got a flat tire and didn’t have the correct jack or lug wrench in the car to fix it with. And then all I had was one of those doughnut tires to put on that are only good for about 50 miles or so.Thank goodness for a truck driver that was close by came to my rescue and he got me squared away so that I could take the car to Firestone so that they could get a new tire on the rim for me to pick up in the morning.

My daughter had even a worse day than the one I had. She had her wallet stolen at her new job. The have employee lockers but no locks that the employees can use, so they are responsible for getting their own locks and are pretty much out of luck until they do. So these commercial lockers that the new employees are using are an invitation to the other folks that work there to go into the unsecured lockers and have a field day. I can tell you that I’m none to happy with that piece of information.


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