Telescope For Christmas

I have always wanted a Telescope. I remember putting Telescopes on my Christmas wish list each year and never woke up once on a Christmas morning to find one under the tree. I gave up asking for one years ago, but I’m thinking that this year I just might start asking again, stranger things have been known to happen.

I have been getting some inquiries from some family members as to what I plan to do this year for Thanksgiving and Christmas, it is always a mad house trying to figure out who is doing what and who is going where, kinda takes a lot of the fun and excitement out of the holidays trying to keep everyone happy and keeping feelings from being hurt. I’ve also been asked for gift suggestions from a few but have had to say that I really didn’t have any at this point. But now I know that I can ask for one of the nice dobsonian telescopes that I’ve been looking at on a site that has the most wonderful and affordable telescopes for sale at

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