Paperless World

I did a bit of cleaning up around the place last weekend. Got rid of a ton of trash, freed up some space in my home office and the basement. It’s amazing how quickly we accumulate so much crap isn’t it? I found several years worth of phone books that I haven’t even looked at in several years. I mean if you have the Internet you really don’t need the local yellowpages for much. I can’t remember the last time I even thought of looking for something or some one in any type of paper phone book. My recycling bin got filled up quickly and is ready to be put on the curb in the morning for the city to pick up and recycle for me.

If I need to find something like one of the local restaurants all I have to do is go on a site such as and they have everything that I need. The address, the phone number, directions and even reviews. Now what paper phone book can do all of that? I love how the World Wide Web has made a local search such an easy task to tackle and it can allow you to find people, places and things all over, which is just so cool.

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