Mindless Surfing Online

I really wish that I had more time to just mindlessly surf the Internet and land in some interesting and entertaining sites. Last night I did have an hour to kill, couldn’t really concentrate on doing anything important and Face Book was pretty calm so I just started clicking around seeing what came up here and there when I landed on a site belonging to a Toronto Escorts agency that I can’t say surprised me any, but Escorts In Toronto usually don’t hold much interest for me. But the homepage had a picture of one of their very nice looking Toronto Escorts wearing the nicest butterfly wings that I’ve ever seen and it really drew me in, considering that I am a butterfly and fairy freak that is a pretty high compliment.

I’ve always been a very visual person and the Internet is totally visual which can be good or bad, mostly good though. Wish I had figured all of that out when I was in school, but better late than never I reckon.

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