Memory Of The Amethyst Baby Dragon

“I Was Carrying Something On My Way Back To The Mountain, As I Saw Two Men High Up On The Mountain Beating On A Newborn Amethyst Baby Dragon That Had Just Hatched From Its Egg Not Long Before. So I Dropped Whatever It Was That I Was Carrying And Headed Towards Them As Fast As I Could And Once I Got There I Kicked Them Out Of The Way And They Ended Up Crashing Into A Boulder, Dead. Then The Amethyst Baby Dragon, While In Incredible Pain, Tried To Stand Up As If Nothing Had Happened. Tears Started To Flow Out Through My Eyes, But Before They Could, The Baby Dragon Fell To Ground, Unable To Move. I Rushed Over As Fast I Could And Tried My Absolute Best To Heal The Amethyst Baby Dragon. Yet It Was Too Late, There Was Nothing That I Could’ve Done Now, For The Baby Dragon Had Died. I Held The Amethyst Baby Dragon In My Arms, Crying Uncontrollably. And Once Night Fell, I Still Couldn’t Stop Crying, But I Was Able To Dig A Grave For The Baby Dragon, A Worthy Grave, A Grave So Great That It Was Worthy Of Being A Dragons Grave. I Still Couldn’t Stop Crying Though, For The Sadness And Pain Was Too Much, Many Large Puddles Of Water Were Made From My Tears. And Once I Was Finally Able To Move On, I Left, And I Took The Amethyst Baby Dragons Egg With Me, To Remind Me Of That Fateful Day. To Keep The Memory Of The Amethyst Baby Dragon Alive.”

Not bad writing for a 12 year old, right?

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