Enough On My Plate All Ready Thank You Very Much

It has been decided at work that I am to be put in charge of finding and purchasing of two of those enclosed bulletin boards to use at the office for reason reasons and usages. So I have been looking around on the Internet and have been surprised at how many of these enclosed cork bulletin boards are now available out there. So many choices, so little time, sigh. . . .

Not only am I now in charge of finding┬áthese enclosed fabric bulletin boards but I am going to have the responsibility of maintaining, decorating and keeping it up to date and current various postings. I’m not all that thrilled with this new responsibility, but since they had to let the receptionist go, due to cut backs, there has been a lot of re distributing of these types of duties and I’ve had about enough put on my plate all ready. I do believe I am being targeting since I am the only female in the whole office and that they think that I should be doing a lot of what the receptionist was doing and I just don’t think that it is fair or right.

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